Sunbelt Conference in Utrecht

The Sunbelt Conference (this years’ edition: XXXVIII) was, and perhaps always will be, an excellent opportunity for professional growth. The event is huge and hosts dozens of researchers from social to natural or logical and formal sciences, all whom are interested in applying social network analysis to their research.

During the conference, the team was involved in many activities, starting from workshops and finishing with oral presentations. The workshops were chosen according to everyone’s research interests.
*From Texts to Networks to Maps;
*Visualizing Social Networks;
*Introduction to ego-network analysis with R;
*Simplifying ego-centered network analysis in R with egor;
*Social Network Approaches for Behavior Change;
*Understanding Diffusion with netdiffuseR;
*statnetWeb: The easy way to learn (or teach) statistical modeling of network data with ERGMs.

The team also participated in the ORBITS research project members meeting (more details here). Thus, the meeting consisted of a discussion on the main issues encountered in the social field research (related to methodology, research ethics, respondents and interviewers, but also future directions of study).

The last activity consisted in an oral presentation on The Impact of Personal Networks on Individual Social Identity in the Beat Volker panel of Ego centered networks: New questions, research, and applications. The presentation was given by Iulian Oană and Bianca Mihăilă. This particular presentation was part of the larger ORBITS Project, and, while the results were only on preliminary analyses, these type of visual results gives hope for further research.

Social networks in Facebook era. A sociological analysis

On Sunday, June 3, at the Bookfest Book Fair 2018, the book Social Networks in the Facebook era. A sociological analysis by Marian-Gabriel Hâncean, principal investigator of the iCoNiC project, was launched. The book launch was attended by two other speakers: professor Lazăr Vlăsceanu and Constantin Vică.

Social Networks in the Facebook era. A sociological analysis

The book is the second in a series that opens, for the first time in Romania, the debate on social networks and network analysis. The volume provides readers with a synthesis of the current research in this field, presenting the conceptual and methodological framework and areas of applicability of the social network analysis.

The volume, in Romanian, can be previewed and purchased on the Polirom publishing house website (print and ebook).