The social fabric through social network analysis

Echipa proiectului iCoNiC a propus spre organizare în cadrul Conferinței internaționale a Societății Sociologilor din România, panelul The social fabric through social network analysis. Acest panel, coordonat de Marian-Gabriel Hâncean și Bianca-Elena Mihăilă (membri ai echipei iconic) a fost acceptat de către organizatorii conferinței pentru a fi organizat. Mai jos este disponibilă descrierea panelului. Din cauza pandemiei COVID19, Conferința internațională a Societății Sociologilor din România (Curators and actors of the social fabric), programată inițial pentru anul 2020, a fost reprogramată pentru 2021. Detalii pe site-ul conferinței

It has been long recognized the power of social network analysis to disentangle and unveil the patterning of human interaction. Our session builds on the idea that the social fabric plays a key role in the lives of individuals who display it. This session invites contributions from researchers who are currently employing social network theories, methods or tools (qualitative, quantitative or mixed) in their research work. Specifically, we welcome presentations focused either on research designs intended to facilitate the analysis of structural (relational) data, or on theoretical frameworks meant to provide valuable insights about the human life embedded in the multi-layered webs of social connections. This session is interested in receiving presentation proposals within the following areas (but not limited to it): migration, science of science, political networks, public policy and corruption, organizational behaviour, intra- and inter- organizational networks, social support, health studies, diffusion processes, large data visualization. We encourage the entire spectrum of submissions from on-line to off-line data and processes, from ego-centric and socio-centric to personal network analysis approaches, from ethnographic stances to complex system analyses. (Panelul The social fabric through social network analysis, Conferința Societății Sociologilor din România, CURATORS AND ACTORS OF THE SOCIAL FABRIC)

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